I often speak on technology, algorithms and big data – and how these latter two forces have come to shape, change and rule our lives.

​Please email me at chris AT chrissteiner DOT com if you’re interested in having me speak at your event.

In addition to the events below, I have appeared on The Today Show, The Colbert Report, ABC, CNN, Fox News (always the most fun, love the yelling), CNBC, NPR’s Morning Edition, Marketplace and Talk of the Nation, among others.

Some recent, and not-so-recent, engagements are listed below:

Keynote presentation, IFA Berlin, Berlin, Germany, Sept. 9, 2019
Nerds, Poets and Rockstars: Fading Breeds in the Quantification of Everything.

Keynote presentation, Liberty Advisors Quarterly Meeting, 1871 Chicago, March 16, 2017,
Examination of how algorithms and the widespread use of AI is affecting how companies innovate. In this setting, who is most likely to innovate, and how must big companies alter their approach to ensure they can maximize their abilities to leverage innovation.

Keynote, TDWI Austin - JW Marriott, Austin, TX, Dec. 7, 2016
A dive into how algorithms, combined with big data and AI techniques are changing labor, shaping media and defining a new economy across the world.

Moderator of Keynote Discussion: The Seduction of Automation, from the CIA to Social Media, and its Dangers - The Cortex, St. Louis, MO, Sept. 24, 2016
A one-on-one discussion with Neal Sample Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Express Scripts.

Keynote: The Automated World - CareerBuilder Empower Conference, Sheraton Grand, Chicago, IL, Sept. 7, 2016
A presentation and discussion of how automation and software have revolutionized fields that may seem outside the normal boundaries of the digital world. It affects recruiting, engineering hires, everything.

Keynote: Algorithms are Taking Over Everything - Cain Watters and Associated Annual Meeting, Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, CA, Feb. 20, 2016
Our financial markets were co-opted more than a decade ago by algorithms. But now bots have moved on to the most unlikely pf places, from medicine to cars to music and movies. A discussion on the variety and scope of places and things that have already been invaded by algorithms—and those that will fall soon.

Innovation Lecture, Deloitte Partner Event - Chicago, IL, July 20, 2015
As Algorithms have begun to take over jobs that, more and more often, were inhabited by humans with college degrees and learned domain knowledge, they have begun to threaten the kind of work done by major consultancies. A discussion of how algorithms and automation are beginning to play in the tax and advisory space, from custom solutions to standardized SAAS packages.

Keynote: The Automated World: Toward Human+Machine Symbiosis - Palo Alto, CA, June 16-17, 2015
Software and Algorithms have infiltrated the most unlikely places, from medicine to cars to music and movies. A discussion on the future of AI and how these machines we’ve created—our machines, not the machine—will affect the future of work, employment, and creativity.

Keynote: Annual Jackson Hole Airline Summit - Jackson Hole, WY, August 26-27, 2014
An exploration on how algorithms are affecting the travel industry, the world of airfares and destination resort travel. The algorithm has now ascended to become the ultimate arbiter of where people travel and how they get there.

Book Signing, American Book Center - Amsterdam, Nov. 21, 2013
Books were signed, bought, discussed. Beer was imbibed.

Keynote: Emerce Performance - Amsterdam, Nov. 21, 2013
A morning focused on the intersection of algorithms and business that can lead to products that replace the need for human input in a coterie of tasks that, not long ago, were thought to be inately, uniquely, human.

Artificial Intelligence Meets The Queen - London, UK, May 8, 2013
A presentation focusing on automation, software and algorithms in the advertising space, as well as psychology, travel and music.

RAMP: Advanced Commerce & Mobile Retail Services Summit - Chicago - April 15-17, 2013
A discussion focusing on algorithms and technology within the marketing space, specifically within the business of big brand marketing.

Keynote: Advertising That Learns - Artificial Intelligence Meets The Rocky Mountains - Denver - March 27, 2013
Join us for a discussion of the wonder that is Artificial Intelligence with Christopher Steiner, New York Times best-selling author of the just released Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World.

Keynote: Media and Lifestyle Summit - Zürs, Austria - March 8-12, 2013
The 2013 Focus: Big Data and Algorithms. Thanks to Rudi Klausnitzer and the rest of his team for putting on a great conference. Other speakers included Neil Capel, CEO of Sailthru; Eva Ho, a cofounder at Factual; and David Rowan, the editor of the UK edition of WIRED.

Keynote: When Artificial Intelligence Met Michigan Avenue - Chicago - Dec. 5, 2012
Leaders from the interconnected ecosystem of digital advertising, politics, academia, and industry met to discuss the growing impact of artificial intelligence and big data algorithms on our daily lives. Watch our exclusive rebroadcast of the full event, hosted at Chicago’s Mid-America Club, and seen by viewers worldwide during a live simulcast.

​​Appearance on The Colbert Report - November, 2012
Seven minutes long and he didn’t skewer me. My career can end now.

TEDx OrangeCoast, Redefining Relevance - Costa Mesa, Calif. - Oct. 10, 2012
How do you make sense of a world that is constantly changing? How do you solve problems that haven’t been defined? We are faced with a future that holds growing political, economic, and environmental uncertainty. Our ability to adapt and innovate across these challenges will be tied to our ability to remain relevant: to utilize the most innovative technologies, to remain open to paradigm shifts in understanding, to constantly re-examine priorities.

Keynote: Data Days Conference - Berlin, Germany - Oct. 1-2, 2012
Data is not a neutral. Data is changing society - from international politics to local institutions. This track is focusing on the question: What does the data world mean to society? We will take a look at the rise of the so called data scientist, discuss the use of data for public good and search for the new data world order, where we are coexisting with machines and algorithms.

Keynote: Data-driven Advertising, at the NASDAQ, New York City Adweek - Sept. 27. 2012
Advertising is changing at a pace so rapid that both sides, buy and sell, never have a clear view of how to plan for the next year. Buyers, creatives and networks must all be nimble, as what’s worked in the past and what works now can be rendered ineffective next month. Automation via the force of dominant algorithms is changing advertising. Harness their power or be left behind.

Keynote: Snowcial - Lake Tahoe, Calif. - Feb. 28 to March 2, 2013
​Snowcial attracts industry leaders in marketing, technology, media, consumer electronics, snowsports, travel and tourism. From product launches to relationship cultivation to immersive experiences, Snowcial presents a unique opportunity for brands to connect and Snowcialize with its participants.

There’s more, but I doubt anybody will read this far down.